We make ERP better

We improve the user experience and cost efficiency of ERP by our combined knowledge of ERP, Integration and Software Development.


Vince Excel - Makes ERP Easy.


Vince Butler - Makes ERP Talk.


Vince Security - Makes ERP Compliant.


Vince Item Organizer - Makes ERP Retail Ready.


Vince Promotion & Replenishment - Extend ERP to plan concurrent Retail Promotions.


Vince covers most functional areas of M3. We can offer some of the most experienced people in regards to programming and mashups. Find out how Vince can help you design your ERP processes.


We have several products which can help you monitor the business process, view and alter M3 data in Excel, handle item lifecycles and control all aspects of a multi -locational promotion.


It is important to be innovative, but equally to keep it simple and thoughtfully designed. Find out what's happening at Vince.


Infor M3BE integration services.


Varner AS becomes the first pilot of VSE – Vince Security Center.

We are very happy to announce that the first pilot of VSE (Vince Security Center) is now ready for testing at Varner AS. Varner AS is the biggest fashion company in Norway with brands such as Dressmann, Cubus, Bik Bok, Carlings among other, and have a long relationship with Vince and are successfully running other Vince applications.VSE makes M3 security easier to operate and gives good overview, control and analytics of securities in M3. The pilot period is set to be October. Once the pilot is successful, VSE will be fully launched by Vince in November.

New sales for VXL and VBU.

We are very happy to announce that Skibygg AS has started their subscription for VBU after a period of Try for hire. Mycronic AB has started subscription for VXL and are to implement the solution globally.

J&B Group signs agreement for VXL.

J&B Group Inc. with operations in the US has signed agreement for VXL.

What we do


Our consulting services is mainly focused around M3, where we target to have in-depth knowledge and cover all standard process inside M3.

Investigate business in detail

It is impossible to give effective consultations without understanding how everything works. That`s what we do in the first place.

Deep analysis

Every business needs to be deeply analyzed so that our business consultant could understand what this business lacks to become profitable.

Upgrade of M3

Vince can deliver upgrade of any M3 version. It is normally done in combination with 3th party such as Infor, where Vince takes lead and have roles in Project Management and M3 Consulting, while the 3th party do the migration. Vince will then normally be single point of contract. If wanted, Vince can give many successful reference.


This where we look at the broader perspective of the supply chain process, looking on both the process itself and how IT solutions such as M3 supports it. Related to this we look on Value Engineering of the process and how the different software should support the given design. This will also involve looking into the organization, seeing how process owners are places with right ownership and scope.


Integration is one of the fastest growing areas at Vince. As the ERP systems such as M3 becomes more and more open through solutions such as API’s, more logic is placed on the outside of M3, instead of making heavy modifications inside of M3. Our Integration Team covers MeC, Event HUB, Event Analytics, Ming.le, ION and Workflow.

Our Offerings

Vince business model has the single purpose of increasing the value of our client’s investment in the ERP system M3.

Our consulting team delivers SERVICES to efficiently set up and use the M3 Business Engine to support the business process in a best possible way. Our INTEGRATION team makes sure all interactions in and out of M3 runs smoothly including communications with 3rd party vendors. Our PRODUCT team develops add-on/satellite applications outside M3, to increase the accuracy and efficiency and to cover blank spot not covered by M3 itself.


Case studies


We gathered the most popular examples of solving common business problems. They may appear at the stage of your business launch. Luckily, we know how to cope with them quickly and in this section we would like to share this important information with you. Moreover, you can freely add your cases by contacting us via email or contact form on our website.


ERP systems link together an organization’s strategy, structure, and business processes with the IT system. The different way of handling the process of ERP implementation brings about many success and failure stories. We know how to achieve it.